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Terms & Conditions

1) Buy My Laptop Ltd guarantees to beat any online automated quote however some quote values that are deemed over estimated by Buy My Laptop Ltd or any staff members will not be increase to a higher value.
2) Once the customer has selected a collection date there will only be three attempts to collect their laptop through a Buy My Laptop Ltd courier. If the collection fails due to customer error the customer will have to post the laptop to us.
3) Buy My Laptop Ltd takes no responsibility for any laptops that are lost or damaged during shipping.
4) Once the laptop has been collected by our couriers we cannot increase the agreed price.
5) Buy My Laptop Ltd holds the right to cancel any quotes at any time. If the customers quote is cancelled while the laptop is in our possession we will pay for the laptop to be returned to them unless in conflict with any other term.
6) If the customers laptop is not as described or has undeclared damage we may lower your quote or reject your laptop. If they do not accept the new lower quote or their laptop has been rejected they have the right for the laptop to be returned free of charge.
7) Once the customer’s laptop has been received by Buy My Laptop Ltd and the original quote or lowered quote has been accepted, the laptop cannot be returned to the customer as the laptop may no longer be in our possession. Payment will be sent within due time.
8) If we receive any stolen goods they will be automatically handed to the police with the customer’s details and no money will be paid.
9) Buy My Laptop Ltd takes no responsibility for any laptops that malfunction while in our possession. These laptops will be returned free of charge.
10) Customers will be paid the exact amount quoted unless their laptop is not as described, has undeclared damage or has been lost or damaged by the courier.
11) All payments are sent via bank transfer, cheque or PayPal within a maximum of 9 working days of receiving your laptop unless in conflict with any other term.
12) Once the customer has been paid for their laptop they give all ownership rights to Buy My Laptop Ltd. Customers cannot refund their payment and have their laptop returned.
13) All personal data held by Buy My Laptop Ltd is stored on our secure server. We do not store credit card information and no information is shared with any other parties.
14) By accepting these terms and conditions you certify that you are the legal owner of the laptop and understand the consequences of any of the above terms.

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