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1. Get a quote

You can sell your laptop by going to our quote page and entering all your laptops details for a quote, you can then select how you want to be paid.

Select payment method

The payment methods we offer are instant bank transfer, cheque or PayPal.

How It Works
How the laptop selling service works

2. Choose how to get your laptop to us

You can get your laptop to us in one of the following ways:

  • we will send you pre-paid packaging and you can drop off your laptop to your any UK post office.
  • You can use your own packaging and we collect the laptop
  • An extra 10 pounds will be added to your total amount in case you do the packaging yourself

Select your collection date

At the end of the process you can choose which date you want the laptop to be collected, if you have requested a collection from us. This can be any working day starting the day after you receive your quote.

How It Works
How the laptop selling service works

3. We receive your laptop

When your laptop is delivered to us we will test it to make sure it is working unless stated otherwise. During this process we will also check to the laptop matches the details you submitted. We assure our customers that all hard drives are wiped clean of any personal data.

You get paid!

Your payment will be sent within the time frame given. This will be sent in the method you selected.

How It Works
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